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About Us

The College of Healthcare Administration and Management has four academic and research units, including the Department of Health Care Management , the Department of Information Management, the Graduate Institute of Tourism and Health Sciences, and the Graduate Institute of Long-Term Care.
With emphasis on a dual-discipline core, i.e. health and management, and along with the characteristics of health care, the College of Health Care Management aims at integrating outstanding information technology and quality management knowledge for operating modern health care businesses.
Also, it is necessary to dynamically adjust the foci of education to keep pace with the needs of enterprises and society.
1.          To become a college for health care management featuring “e-management-focus health businesses”.
2.          To become an advanced academia for fostering talents with expertise in health business management, healthcare information management, and long-term care.
3.          To become a promoter of health business and service management for modern leisure, an organic healthy life and the like businesses.